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Brings back memories

I had a customer call and schedule me for this morning to “hook up their printer to their computer” so I went and my jaw dropped when I saw why they were having trouble getting a laser printer to connect. I wasn’t even able to set the clock cause it wouldn’t recognize any date newer than 1999. It definitely was not Y2K compliant. The monitor was a “Tandy” brand which I haven’t seen since the 80’s from radio shack. Made me think about my old TRS-80

iphone 4 CDMA no backlight

This iphone 4 CDMA version phone had no backlight. Phone worked but screen was so dim, you could only see faint images by shining a flashlight on it. Most of the time the backlight filters and or the coil are to blame. This one was actually missing one of the filters. Replaced it and its good to go. Here are some before and after shots.