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iPad mini screen replacement

Now I fix all models of iPads, even the mini! This repair requires some mad skills to solder the small connector to keep cost down, but I can do it;) Message me with the details of your cracked mini so I can find out what parts can be transferred to new digitizer to get you an accurate quote. Cost starts at 149.00. Takes about 3 days to get parts and then overnight to fix.

iPad 2 32gb 3G Verizon

Refurbished iPad 2 32gb 3G Verizon black tablet. Perfect screen with ZERO scratches or cracks. Aluminum back and edges show some scratches with the worst part around dock connector. None of these scratches or blemishes effect the usability or operation of the iPad. All features of this unit work as should. Apple currently sells this refurbished model for $430.00. My price is $360.00 with sync cable, charger, and Apple OEM box. I also will warranty this unit for 90 days. Clean ESN and MEID ready for activation on Verizon network. Unit is also jailbroken on ios 6.1 but can be…

iPad 4th gen

Just removed the digitizer off my first iPad 4. Mostly just like previous versions. Lots of glue but at least most ribbon cables are shielded from accidentally cutting them. Biggest change since third gen is the home button area. It’s now attached via a ribbon cable.