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iPhone Screen Repair


many iphones

Did you break your iPhone? Let me fix you up! Great prices and I come to you and do most screen replacements onsite and only takes minutes. I service the iPhone 6 thru the iPhone Xs and keep most models in stock except for the X series, but I can get them fast. Current screen replacement prices are as follows but are subject to change at any time.

iPhone 6, 6+ $70

iPhone 6s, 6s+ $75

iPhone 7, 7+ $80

iPhone 8, 8+ $85 (Back glass replacement is $150 and has to be ordered. Once received, the job takes overnight. Some backs are blank with no logo due to copyright)

iPhone X $170 (This is a premium soft OLED screen just like original. Cheaper hard regular LCD versions exist but you don’t want that on a 1K$ phone)

iPhone Xr $150

iPhone Xs $195 (Premium soft OLED screen just like original)

iPhone Xs Max $299 (Premium soft OLED screen just like original)

Contact me to setup a repair.

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